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Feed Your Mind

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Since the pre-historic times, man has had an urge to satisfy his needs. Be it hunger, shelter or search for a mate, he has always manipulated the circumstances to the best of his advantages. Probably this might be the reason why we human are the most developed of all living species on the earth, and probably also in the universe. As we climbed the steps of evolution with giant leaps, we somehow left behind common sense and logical thinking — we forgot that we have stopped thinking ahead of times.

If you are hungry, what do you do? Grab a piece of your favorite meal and stay quiet after that? Just like your stomach, even your mind is hungry. But it never lets you know, because you keep it busy thinking about your dream lover, favorite star and many such absurd things. So it silently began to heed to your needs and never let itself grow. When mind looses its freedom to grow, creativity gets a full stop. This might be the reason why we all sometimes think "What happens next?", "Why can't I think?", "Why am I always given the difficult problems?" Well this is the aftermath of our own karma of using our brain for thinking of not-so-worthy things.

Hunger of the mind can be actually satiated through extensive reading. Now why reading and not watching TV? Because reading has been the most educative tool used by us right from the childhood. Just like that to develop other aspects of our life, we have to take help of reading. You have innumerable number of books in this world which will answer all your “How to?” questions. Once you read a book, you just don't run your eyes through the lines, but even your mind decodes it and explains it to you. The interesting part of the book is stored in your mind as a seed. Now this seed is unknowingly used by you in your future to develop new ideas. The same seed if used many times, can help you link and relate a lot of things, of which you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams! This is nothing but creativity. More the number of books you read, your mind will open up like never before. Also this improves your oratory skills to a large extent and also makes a significant contribution to your vocabulary. Within no time you start speaking English or any language fluently with your friends or other people and you never seem to run out of the right words at the right time.

Actually, I had a problem in speaking English fluently, but as I read, I could improve significantly. I am still on the path of improvement to quench my thirst for satisfaction. So guys do join me and give food for your thoughts by reading, reading and more reading. Now what are you waiting for? Go, grab a book, and let me know!



我们可以通过阅读来给大脑“进餐”,消除它的饥饿感。为什么是阅读而不是看电视呢?因为我们从孩提时代起就通过阅读来达到受教育的目的。正如阅读可以让我们生活中的其他方面起到促进作用一样,我们可以从阅读中受益。你可以通过阅读大量书籍来回答“怎么做”的问题。在读书时,你不只是让眼睛在字里行间穿梭时,更是大脑在对所读的内容解密,诠释。书中有意思的内容会象一粒种子贮存在大脑中。你在以后会用到这粒种子来创造新的想法。如果相同的种子用过许多次,它就会让你联想起许多事物并将他们联系起来,这些是你做梦也想不出的。这就是 创造力。读的书日积月累,你的大脑会前所未有地开阔。阅读还能提高你的口头表达能力,极大地丰富你的词汇量。用不了多久你就可以用英语或任何你使用的语言与朋友或他人流利地交谈,总能在恰当的时间找到恰当的词汇来表达自己。


本文来自: 中国翻译网(www.transcn.org) 详细出处参考:http://www.transcn.org/article-25799-1.html



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